Medical Bills

Common medical billing issues include denial of insurance benefits because the prescription or treatment is considered not medically necessary; claims partially paid that leave the consumer with an unexpected balance to pay; denials of assistance to those with substantial medical charges; incorrect medical bill collections; and difficulty negotiating the internal or external appeals processes once a denial is issued.

To avoid these and other medical billing issues:

  • Discuss your treatment plan with your doctor and hospital prior to receiving services to ensure there are no hidden charges.
  • If you have insurance, make sure you know your policy’s guidelines for coverage before you receive treatment to avoid surprises.
  • Be sure to keep the Explanations of Benefits (EOB) you receive from your insurer. If you believe a payment is incorrect or not sufficient, follow the appeal procedures available through your insurance plan.
  • Contact your doctor or hospital’s finance manager to negotiate a reduction in anticipated or assessed medical charges. Often times, clinics, providers and hospitals offer financial assistance services to qualified patients.
  • If you have issues with collection of a medical bill, see our information on debt collection practices.

When it comes to your medical bills, we’ve got your back, Arkansas.