Check Cashing

Consumers without bank accounts may find it necessary to use a Check Casher to cash a third-party check, such as a payroll check or Social Security check. It is important to shop around for the best price. Check-cashing fees can make the cost of accessing your money higher than it should be. Make sure the check casher discloses its fees to you before you do business with them. Also, some retailers in your area may be willing to cash your check for a fee which is much lower than the fees usually charged by a Check Casher. Check with them first before you consider using a check casher.

Beware of Check Cashers That

  • Charge a percentage of the face value of the check.
  • Charge more than a nominal flat fee.
  • Charge fees to set up an initial account with them.
  • Charge a “processing fee” on top of the percentage.

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