If you notice on your phone bill that you are being billed for local or long-distance service by another telephone service provider without authorization, you have been “slammed.”  “Slamming” is the illegal practice of switching a consumer’s landline telephone company for local or long-distance service without the consumer’s authorization.

Tips To Prevent Slamming

  • Always read your monthly telephone bill thoroughly.
  • If you are paying more for your telephone service or your bill appears suspicious, consult with your telephone service provider to make sure that you are paying for the service you need and want.
  • To verify your authorized out-of-state long-distance and international long-distance provider, call toll-free to (700) 555-4141 from your landline telephone.
  • To verify your authorized in-state long-distance provider, call toll-free 1 (your area code) 700-4141 from your landline telephone.

If Your Telephone Bill Has Been Slammed

  • Inform your authorized landline telephone provider that you have been slammed and change your service back to the provider and plan that you authorized.
  • File a complaint with the Consumer Protection Department of the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office.
  • File a complaint with the Arkansas Public Service Commission.

When it comes to your phone bill, we’ve got your back, Arkansas.